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Want to know what it would be like to have us work on a project with you? Past customers share their experiences of having Chartier Ceramic Tile work on various home improvement, home renovation, and home repair projects/installations.

We would be honored to help you tackle that project you've been wanting to get around to doing.

Bill is the best! Helped me a lot on my project.

Jamie Hansen Residential

Bill & Julie, Thank you for all the excellent work and answering all my questions. It was a pleasure working with you.

The Patete Family Residential

Bill was so wonderful and quite possibly the cleanest, quietest, most pleasant workman. His tile work is beautiful!

B. Gibbs Residential

You were very professional and thoughtful when explaining my options. You helped me find a beautiful, reasonably priced tile. You completed my bathroom in a quick fashion without sacrificing quality.

E. Nelson Residential